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Our Approach

IRDO's Strategic Model

IRDO continues to undertake research activities and implement public health programs that focus on major public health issues and challenges to the population as a whole (e.g. HIV, TB, and Malaria). This is done by applying a systematic model of research and developing effective public health programs to address major health issues among its target population. 
As it has been that trend, IRDO undertakes research whose findings inform the development of related public health interventions. Further, IRDO put’s in place adequate technical competencies, policies, and systems to support the proper implementation of the research and program interventions. The outcome of interventions will be documented and evaluated regularly and further used to inform research and program interventions.  IRDO plans to expand the scope of both research and program areas to include disease and health conditions beyond HIV prevention, care, and treatment. The research and program are closely linked and supported by key stakeholders like donors, government, and communities.