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Dr Mark Ayallo (MB, ChB,MPH)

Dr Ayallo is the current Clinical Manager at Impact Research and Development Organisation (IRDO) and a team leader of the IRDO’s health business development wing – impact Research, Training and Healthcare Services (IRTHS). He has over 20 years hands-on experience in medical Practice, health service management, program development/management and Research, mainly focused on Reproductive health and HIV/STI management and prevention, which has greatly impacted on Health Policy development in Kenya.
After Graduating from the University of Nairobi with MB,ChB and MPH, Dr. Ayallo worked for GoK’s Ministry of Health (MoH), international development partners (DANIDA and GTZ ) and the NGO MSI in Kenya within the Health sector. His work focused on Health Service management, support to health systems strengthening, Technical Capacity building and Clinical Quality Assurance in Reproductive Health service delivery and related research in rational Drug use, Contraception and Policy development. He designed and coordinated a number of KAP and subsequent cross-sectional studies on distribution, uptake and use (social marketing) of Contraceptives which significantly contributed to the MoH’s institutionalisation and nationalising the branding and distribution of the ‘sure’ condom and oral contraceptive -‘chaguo lako’- in Kenya. More recently, Dr. Ayallo was part of a team that designed and undertook a ground breaking study on pain management in female surgical sterilisation in a rural setting in Kenya; currently he is a member of IRDO management Committee and also roles as Co-Principal Investigator at K-IRDO CRS for a large Vaccine Trial sponsored by WHO and Ministry of Health and coordinated by KAVI in Kenya.
Dr Ayallo is a Registered and practicing Clinician, Public Health expert and has been/is a member of various advisory and directing health Boards of various organisations in Kenya; and a Volunteer supporter of numerous Community initiatives. He is a member of Kenya medical Association (KMA) and current Vice president of Africa Accountability Platform (AHAP), a non-registered lobby and advocacy platform for health commitments for east, central & southern African countries. In the course of duty on health care matters, he has travelled widely across the Globe.