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Business Development Division

The Impact Research, Training and Healthcare Services(IRTHS) is the business development Division of the Impact Research and Development Organisation (IRDO), with the overall strategic Goal of improving business revenue income, service quality, and visibility and overall work proficiency of the business wing’. The BDD aims to achieve its mandate through five key areas: Increase its revenue income from quality healthcare service provision; Develop and establish IRTHS training activities into a full-fledged training centre; enhance the research collaboration and activities, especially in the area of clinical research; initiate and establish a first-class funeral home and services, and improve the overall efficiency including marketing of IRTHS business facilities.

It has three main and functional development/Service Units namely:

  1. The Healthcare Services Delivery Unit (Tuungane Hospital)
  2. Clinical Research Unit
  3. The IRTHS Training unit

IRTHS is involved in Clinical Trials, especially for drugs and vaccines and these research that require laboratory and pharmacy support are well catered for. The institution support and conducts research projects; particularly supporting biomedical research.

The training centre is registered and accredited by NITA and provides training services in the form of
institutionalised courses and specific areas based on the need of our clients. Key training areas
include HIV/AIDS; customer care; data collection; clinical quality assurance and control (Clinical
Governance); strategy development.

In terms of Healthcare services, the Impact Research Training and Health Services offer the following list of services through the health care facility (Tuungane Hospital) to all patients;

Out Patient:

    •  Clinical Consultation services
    • Psychosocial Counselling
    • Guidance and Counselling
    • Sexual Reproductive and Family planning services
    • Maternal and Child Health
    • Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision
    • Clinical Laboratory Investigation Services
    • Hospital and over- the-counter Pharmacy services
    • HIV Testing and Counselling
    • Nursing Care and Clinical procedures
    •  Management of STIs
    • Medical Screening and Examination
    • Nutritional Counselling


    •  Ward Admission
    • Medical Management of various medical conditions including emergencies
    • Inpatient Clinical and Nursing care procedures
    • Inpatient laundry services
    • Nutritional Counselling

Pharmacy Services

  • This provides dispensing services for the hospital and over-the –Counter services
  • Clinical Research services (especially drug & vaccine trials)

Laboratory Services

  • Handles both Clinical research services for the organisation, especially the research division
    and diagnostic services for the hospital/healthcare services

 Theatre Services

  • The IRTHS (Tuungane Hospital) theatre handles both major and Minor surgical operations
    for the hospital