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Ethnographic Study


Ethnographic Exploration of Factors Influencing Sexual Behaviors of Populations Driving the HIV Epidemic in Nyanza Province, Kenya


The study sought to collect information from the most-at-risk populations in Nyanza Province – the fisher folk, youth out of school, young people living with HIV/AIDS, and discordant couples – about the specific circumstances surrounding their sexual behaviors. Further, the study aimed at:

  1. Establishing the knowledge of HIV risks among the target populations
  2. Finding out the capacity of the target groups in addressing HIV related risks
  3. Establishing the sexual patterns and behaviors of each sub-population which predispose them to HIV infection and spread. The information obtained was intended to provide directions in designing and implementing programs that speak to the unique circumstances under which these sub- populations acquire or transmit HIV.


Impact Research and Development Organization


Kisumu East, Kisumu West, Suba, Siaya, Bondo, Rarieda and Nyando Sub-counties

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