Christopher Masolo

Peer Educator with a Mission
"Every time I thought of going for the cut, I would back track fearing the pain and fearing that I would go without sex for six weeks. So I kept consoling myself that it was not necessary...”


Peer Educator with a Mission
"I was able to confidently negotiate with clients and compel them to use condom because of the skills I was equipped with through trainings sponsored by IRDO. We were also given condoms and lubricants for free,”

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Financial Empowerment at Last
“I currently earn an average of two thousand Kenya shillings per month. With Entrepreneurship Skills Training my business has grown tremendously. I can never thank the DREAMS program enough for empowering me,”


Fighting TB
“I do not smoke nor take alcohol plus my roommate was very healthy so I did not understand where I got TB from but what I know is that I will be well and will go back to school. I knew one could have TB and not be HIV positive,”


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